We have all been there. Whether it is a new job, a new car, or a new relationship, eventually the shine starts to wear off and we experience that lull. For many of us CrossFit was that bright new experience that shocked our system and held our attention. CrossFit was different then other workout routines that we all tried, and we saw results from our hard work. We even made new friends and looked forward to going to the gym! It was our happy place and we never thought much about what our future was at the gym and just let it all happen!

Well what you thought could never happen has started to creep its way into your mind. The early morning alarm and high that is awaiting you at the morning class is starting to be outweighed by the thought of an extra 45 minutes of sleep. The happy hour invites are trumping the after work swole sessions. Even the hair appointment or Netflix binge worthy seasoon release has more appeal then Cleans and Snatches. What went wrong?

I have found that athletes typically look in one of two directions for their love loss.

The first athlete looks at them self and doubts their ability. Let’s call this athlete “Thomas”. Thomas doubts his abilities. He makes comments like “CrossFit just wasn’t for me” or “I cant get any better.” This athlete may leave a CrossFit gym because they look at others or their perceived lack of progress and become discouraged. Thomas may become disgruntled and distant from other athletes. Eventually Thomas may even stop coming or quit altogether.

The second athlete looks at the gym and sees the negative in everything. Let’s call this athlete “Nancy”. Nancy becomes disgruntled with the programming, the equipment and the coaches. Nancy looks to criticize others and the gym every chance she gets. While Nancy was always the hardest worker and biggest supporter, she now is disgruntled and distant from other athletes. Eventually Nancy also stops coming or quits too.

If you can relate to Nancy or Thomas, you may be wondering if there is any way back to that initial pull and love you had for CrossFit. When I speak to these athletes one common thread I find is in their realistic goal setting and tracking. It is easy for both Nancy and Thomas to say “I want to lose weight and get stronger” and to want it to happen tomorrow and both at the same time. They have an idea of what they should look like or be able to lift but have not establish any real goals. These goals and the achievement of them keeps them on track and allows them to fall in love over and over when success is reached.

They may also find passion in areas they never expected. While Thomas may love weightlifting and Nancy enjoy more cardio, they may find themselves being more challenged by the areas that they didn’t enjoy previously. All athletes must be willing to trust the programming and enjoy working on weaknesses. Be comfortable being uncomfortable and try new difficult things.

Lastly, look for a partner in crime. Most of us are relational. If we find someone to talk too, hold accountable and succeed or fail with, we will typically be more fulfilled in our hobbies. We all want a high five from the coach but getting true praise from a friend goes way beyond. Find someone you can work with and can challenge you as much as you challenge them.

Staying engaged and interested is a challenge for most of us in many areas of our lives. Sometimes we expect that our love for something or someone will maintain the commitment when in truth the commitment will sustain us when the love comes and goes. Stay committed and be resilient. Everyday can be another day one!