With the first month of the new year in the past, I started to think about all those “New Year New Me” folks that might have given up on their new diet or gym routine already. I would like to tell them to stop being so hard on themselves. Changes don’t occur overnight and if you have been living a certain way for years it’s going to take a while to retrain you mind and body. 

If your new diet was too strict or left you starving then you probably need to adjust and find something that works for you. Failing on a diet should be a cause for giving up altogether, it should be a call that tells you maybe you need to try something else. Such as if you were doing Keto where you were severely cutting back on carbs (e.g. vegetables, fruit, rice, potatoes, bread and pasta) but found yourself binging on them every weekend then maybe that diet isn’t for you. Maybe you should find a different diet such as Paleo where you get to eat some vegetables and fruits. Either way you don’t think about failing as something bad, it should be something good as you have now learned something new about yourself and can adjust course to reach your goal. 

Now if your goal was to go to the gym and you started off good but now only go every few days or stopped completely then you should take some time to examine why you are not going. Did work or school start to get harder and now you have to work extra hours or study longer? Did you start out going every day after work but then found out that the gym is packed at those times so you don’t like going? Whatever the reason might be it’s best to sit down with yourself to try and figure it out what is going on and how you might be able to fix it. Once you have found the problem you can then come up with a solution. One solution might be simply to switch the time you were going. Another might be to switch gyms completely. Maybe that gym just wasn’t the right fit and you need to find something more your speed and comfort. When you fall off don’t just give up, take a deep look at why you fell off and get right back up. 

Life is hard and you have to learn from your failures so that you can adjust to them. Not everyone succeeds their first time and looking at failure as something negative will always leave you with the glass is half empty outlook. I’ve been dieting and exercising most of my adult life and it’s taken me years to learn that failure isn’t bad. It just means that I need to take note of it, analyze what happened and why then come up with a solution so that it doesn’t happen again. But even if it does happen again I’m okay with that and will readjust my solution next time. So, if you have spent the last couple of weeks or maybe even month feeling bad about already failing on a diet or exercise routine, don’t! Examine what went wrong and adjust you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. We all have one life and you should enjoy it.