A lot of people have asked me how I stick to my diet or how do I find the time to meal prep every weekend. It’s simple, just keep it easy. Don’t try to make these elaborate lunches that take hours to prepare. I’ve tried that and it never works out. Especially when your weekend is full of kid’s activities or other events that keep you away from your kitchen.

Just create meals based off of stuff you already like!

Saying I love tacos is an understatement. I love all types of tacos! Fish, al pastor, carne asada, even plain ol’ chicken tacos. So, this week’s meal prep is Taco salad but with a twist. I recently obtained a lot of venison and since venison is a very lean meat I decided to use some of the ground venison for this week’s meal prep.

I used a taco seasoning packet from Trader Joe’s but you could use whatever taco seasoning you have available. The main thing to consider when meal prepping is knowing how much of each item you need. This is where a food scale comes in handy. I prefer a Greater Goods Nourish Food scale as it has a lot of great features (I’ll have to do another post on scales and why I like this one another time), but once you have all you proteins, carbs and fats selected for your meal prep you just weight the amounts you need.

Having the right tools makes meal prep possible and the total time it took me to prep a couple days’ worth of food was about 15-20 minutes.

So, remember keep meal prep simple! Don’t try to do too much or you will more than likely not want to meal prep in the future as it will seem tedious and hard. Pick foods you already like and try to incorporate them in your meal prep menus. And lastly don’t forget to actually eat the food you make. You might not have worked hard at making it but you will feel better knowing that you are eating healthier and not letting it go to waste.