If you have been at Stone Forge CrossFit, or any other CrossFit box, for more than a day, you have learned that there are some super-secret ways to not just get better at CrossFit but also to look and feel better. Owners don’t want to just hand out these CrossFit secrets until after you have been committed for quite a while and shown that you can be trusted. At the risk of losing my membership in the all-seeing secret society, I’m going to go ahead and spill the top 3 secrets.


Secret #1. Show Up Day One.

While this may seem easy for some of us, for others it is more than half of the battle. First, the location of Stone Forge CrossFit, like any hidden jewel and most CrossFit gyms, can be challenging. If you make your way off the beaten path, literally 50 yards from an incredibly busy road way, you are then faced with an even more daunting task… walking in… THE FRONT DOOR! I have been told that the time between parking and entering can range from seconds to weeks, with some even showing up and driving away several times before making the trip in the door. Once these fears are conquered you learn that the biggest secret to success in CrossFit is just showing up day one! Class begins on time and it is hard to tell who else is new or has been there for months. The intimidation falls away just as quickly as the sweat falls from each athlete. By the time you realize that you are working out and meet one new person, the hour is gone and so are most of your initial fears. You have discovered that the first secret of CrossFit was truly just showing up that first time.


Secret #2. Show Up Day Two.

With class number one out of the way and the memory of the challenge and success still ringing as loudly in your ears as the music selected by a tall tattooed coach (who shall remain nameless), you have decided that you really want to make sure this CrossFit thing and Stone Forge is really a good fit. Sure, the coach was awesome, and the people were nice, but maybe that’s just because it was your first day. It’s time to discover the second secret of CrossFit. Come back for the second class and find out if it was a fluke or if Stone Forge CrossFit is your new home away from home. Walking in the door is much easier and you even see a face or two you recognize from day one. The coolest is that the coach remembers your name and even welcomes you back. A few terms like WOD and EMOM or AMRAP now sound a bit familiar and you know the flow of events for the day. As the hour flies by again, it is easy to see that every day is bottled lighting and you leave ready for the next month or months of training!


Secret #3: Just Keep Showing Up.

It’s been a few weeks or months, you can’t even remember at this point, and you are now really into this CrossFit “fad” that you swore you would never even try. You fill your free time, or more likely down time at work, looking up Olympic lifting videos or how-to tutorials for complex gymnastic movements. Your Facebook and Instagram feeds are now flooded with other CrossFitters and your wardrobe has shifted to mostly workout gear and clothes that you would never have fit in before. Your vocabulary has totally changed, and your friends all think you are obsessed with fitness and CrossFit. You have stopped weighing in every day and have found the third and final secret to CrossFit. JUST KEEP SHOWING UP! Some mornings are a struggle or evenings seem too busy, but any day you don’t get in to the gym you feel off. It is more than just your routine it is your life and your happy place.


Now that you have learned the truest secrets of CrossFit, it is your duty to share this information with everyone you know as you should with any good secret. If you ever forget any of these secrets just show up and ask… the answer is as easy as showing up!